GoFundMe Wall of Fame

When the Markham FireBirds first formed, it was not big corporations that supported us, but rather a collection of gracious, generous individuals who saw value in our fledgeling team.  To this day, individuals still account for a significant fraction of the team's donations, so we would like to immortalise each and every one of them here, on our Wall of Fame. 

Deepali Raizada

Jackson Loong

Vijendra Gupta

Debashish Chakravartty

Parveen Saxena

Bhanu Kohli

Michael Hung

Eric King

Binny Loong

Carol King

Sharad Mehra

Mohinder Kamboj

Joshua Loong

Sivaja Yogan

Raveendran Ruben

Archuthan Ambigapathy

Velvili Ratnam

Shivani Arora

Neha Kamboj

Akshay B

Vivian Hu

Mr Byam

Boaty Smith

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